D1 Doctors Surgery – C3 Residential

Having our clients surgery now surplus to requirement following retirement, we were approached to convert the building to C3 residential.

With the sites parameters following the exact footprint of the building, the option of extending the envelope was not a possibility. This being said, a design was drafted to utilise the internal floor space and maximise unit numbers.

Following the design being signed off by our client, we then began to draft a planning case which would justify the loos of the D1 medical space.

As our client was intending to sell the property with planning permission approved, our focus was on the visual changes which would attract potential purchasers.

With a strict deadline of 10 weeks, the conversion was fully approved at officer level and managed to sell prior to the development being openly marketed.

Given the high demand for residential units in todays climate, why not call a member of the planning team today and discuss how we can assist you with a similar commercial conversion?

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