D1 Opticians – A4 Cocktail Bar

Starting any new business is always a challenge, however trying to source a location for the business needn’t be an added headache.

Our client approached us with a vacant opticians in mind for the location of the new cocktail bar.

Given the properties location within a primary shopping frontage and planning policy in place to ensure all new proposals support the retail function, this project proved to be one which would require delicate consideration.

In this instance, a pre-application advice meeting was invaluable and provided a good opportunity to discuss the applicants full proposals with the planning officer.

Following the advice, a full application was submitted to overcome any aspects which would restrict approval and subsequently, permission was granted for the new cocktail bar.

Aside from the change of use, full details of signage, shopfront changes and the licensing application were undertaken.

With the above all services undertaken by ourselves in house, why not contact us today to understand how we can assist you with a similar business venture?


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