Latest changes to permitted development rights…

The Government has just laid The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015 – the first consolidated permitted development order since 1995. It’s about time as the 1995 order was subject to over 20 separate amendment orders – ten of which under the present Government.

The consolidated order introduces a handful of changes and one key omitted change. The omission is that there is no extension to the office to residential conversion permitted development rights – this will still expire on 30 May 2016.  We keep saying it but the residential use must have begun by that date – so all conversion works completed in advance.

Now the race is on to get them converted in time! Remember this permitted development right has to be exercised before 30 May 2016 – that is the change of use has to be made so internal alterations must all be complete. If you want to take advantage of changing use of an office building before 30 May 2016 then you really MUST act now to stand any chance of it being done in time – why not give Change The Use a call today to see if your premises qualifies?

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